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That’s the Advantage of Working with Kelly Cearing.

Kelly Cearing
NMLS ID 155561

Murfreesboro Mortgages

Hi, I’m Kelly. Every day I am blessed to help people realize their dreams. Maybe it’s helping a family get into their first home. Or helping a single mom refinance so she can save hundreds each month. Or helping a builder grow his business.

That’s just what I do here. We’re not a faceless organization. And we don’t see you as a file on our desk. We’re a close family who cares about every single person we help. You’ll see that difference the minute you choose Kelly Cearing.

Call me today to see how I can help you.

In my 18 years of mortgage brokering experience, and through handling thousands of loans, here’s where my team and I shine:

Aggressively Low Rates

You may be surprised at how much we can save you each and every month.

Quickest Turnaround Times

Realtors, builders, and borrowers love us because we are serious about getting to the closing table fast.

Constant Communication

You’ll never say, “Who’s my lender again?” You’ll know. Through calls, email or text, I will regularly check in and give you a status update.

Which loan is right for you? Are you getting the best possible rate? How much house can you really afford? All these are questions that a qualified mortgage specialist can answer for you, ensuring that you have the power to make an informed decision.

You’re busy. The last thing you have time for is a time-consuming loan application process. Our online application process is conveniently designed to allow you to stop any time and pick up where you left off. Better yet, applying online is the greener option— think of the paper you’ll save when you apply for your loan online. After you submit an application, you can check loan status at your convenience.

We can help you get the right loan for you, whether you’re looking to revamp your kitchen, bathroom, backyard, or basement. You can get the loan you need to increase your home’s value and make it a better place to live.